Electro mechanical drives for the precise patient positioning and highest reliability. Besides the basic functions as Trendelenburg, height and lateral adjustment, the VECTOR 5 is also available with electro mechanical function of the back rest section, patient support and lengthwise movable segment plate.

The cable remote control or the optional available cordless a secure setting via push buttons.

Reset to the starting positions by function key “0-Position”. In case of power cut, all motor functions can be set by cranks.

The antistatic and decubitus-free pads and table plates are radio translucent. Two of the conductive double-wheels can be locked for a straight forward movement. Brakes on the wheels assure a secure standing. Made of high-grade steels and detergent resistant high-pressure laminates for an easy cleaning. A vast variety of accessories and the 25 x 10mm side rails, make the VECTOR 5 to an operating table for multi-purpose.