ATRIA-3 by Tekno-Medical is based on the ultimate LED technology which offers a perfect illumination, long durability and low energy consumption. The ATRIA-3 is suitable for a multiplicity of applications in surgery and operating room. The lamp is ideal for diagnosis, dental, gynecology, dermatology, general medicine and surgery.

ATRIA-3 lamps persuade by their homogeneous and shadowless light. A special optic technique, created by Tekno-Medical,guides the light beams perfectly according to the specific needs.

The working area is perfectly illuminated which assures an extraordinary visual comfort and excellent working conditions.

The newest LED generation produces a unique quality of light with a color temperature of 4.500°K and a color rendering index of 95.

ATRIA-3 works with a light intensity of 130.000 lux at an energy consumption of 69W. The LEDs have a life cycle of about 50.000 hrs.

ATRIA-3 possesses three reflectors which produce a wellblended and intense light. The light-spot diameter can be adjusted automatically. The slim and compact design makes the lamp perfectly suitable for various applications. The lamp with its ergonomic shape is easy to move and to adjust and does not interfere the laminar flow in the operating room. Cleanness is guaranteed due to easy to clean materials used and the detachable and sterilizable handle