With a constant attention to technical evolution and clinical needs, and aware of the responsibility of acting in the medicalfield, Tekno-Medical is consider ed as a highly reliable partner for surgeons and staff in the operating room.

ATRIA-5, a LED lamp for specific medical needs, is designed to meet all user requirements, granting optimal performance, reliability and comfort in vision.


LED technology for exclusive performances. ATRIA-5 lights persuade by their excellent light quality.

A special optic technique, created by Tekno-Medical, generates homogeneous and shadowless light. The working area is perfectly illuminated which assures an extraordinary visual comfort and excellent working conditions for the surgeon and the medical staff.

The newest LED generation produces a perfect illumination under every condition. The LED is producing an IR-free light, an excellent color temperature and have an almost endless life cycle and a very low energy consumption.

The total 43 LEDs of the ATRIA-5 produce a light spot of 24-33 cm at one meter, with an illumination level of 130.000 lux (optional 160.000 lux) lux at a life span of approx. 50.000 hrs.

Tekno-Medical has realized an extraordinary and innovative micro-processor controlled system to guarantee the unaltered performance of the LEDs throughout their life span.

The color rendering index of ATRIA-5 is 95 at a color temperature of 4.500°K, which reproduces exactly the chromatic scale of the colors in a human body


  • High performing illumination for every type of surgery.
  • A color temperature of 4.500°K guaranteeing an excellent contrast on the operating field.
  • Perfect brightness at 130.000 lux (optional 160.000 lux)
  • Exceptional lifetime with a low power consumption of 75W
  • Color rendering index 95
  • IR-free without any heat
  • Ergonomic design for an extraordinary easy use and a quick positioning of the lamp
  • Revolutionary touch control for a simple, fast and precise control of all functions.


For a perfect illumination according to the different needs, theATRIA-5 can supply FOCUSED an  AMBIENT light. Due to the specific optics designed by Tekno-Medical, the light spot can be precisely focused, assuring the excellent sharpness of all details in the operating field. AMBIENT light is achieved by activating the ENDO function. The particular light beam from the upper part of the lamp grants a comfort in vision and a perfect sight to the environment of the operating field.

ATRIA-5 is particularly suitable for MIS. Besides it fits perfectly for preparation and treatment during the operation procedure,monitoring the patient and for interventions under microscope.



ATRIA-5 has a practical and functional design. The outstanding operation possibilities are due to the central  and lateral handles which enable the medical team to move the lamp in any direction, maintaining its full stability and high illumination performance. Sanitary requirements were also taken into consideration. For thisreason, ATRIA-5 has been manufactured of smooth and resistant material that makes cleaning quick and easy. The removable handle is fully autoclavable and may be optionally equipped with a camera. The camera may also be fixed on a separate arm alternatively.

The lamp shape is particularly suitable for laminar flows. Its structure has been evaluated to avoid obstructing air flows inside the operating room and to reduce considerably turbulence areas.